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Granite Tile from US Building Suppliers

One of the hardest natural resources in the world, Granite is the contractor’s ideal choice in building material for diverse uses in both residential and commercial applications.  Extracted from quarries around the world, Granite tiles and slabs are normally cut and polished at factories close the quarry. Tiles and slabs are usually cut to spec, polished on one side, and provided an edge of choice.  Formed over the ages by great pressure and volcanic heat, Granite is characterized by a visibly crystalline appearance, adding beauty to its other natural attributes.

Both granite slabs and tiles can be used for many functions.  From household and commercial projects to government and industrial jobs, granite products are exceptionally suited for projects requiring heavy foot traffic.  Perfect because it resists impact and abrasion, the random patterns in granite slabs and tiles make it a very desirable product to enhance a home or office project

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